Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Artificial Light

It is human nature to change things, to manufacture ways of manipulating the natural for benefit and convenience. Even darkness is not immune to this process. We light everything that needs to be seen and everything that can be seen during the day. Streets, facades, stairways, ally ways, the undersides of bridges and empty rooms. Our eyes are so used to this practice that our we have adjusted to see these things the same way we see them during the day in sunlight, we fail to see the colors and shadows that has been created unnaturally.

The series, Artificial Light, will be shot with a medium format camera on daylight balanced transparency film to show how artificial light affects the colors and shadows at night or in spaces completely cut off from natural light. The final output of the images will be to duratran and then face mounted on to Plexiglas. This will then slide into a handmade light box and lit with a 5500 degree bulb.

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Jen Dolen said...

You would probably appreciate the work done by one of my undergrad colleagues, Ann Lawton.